Email: TEL: 0423-774 7244 and 0313-4800 977
Email: TEL: 0423-774 7244 and 0313-4800 977
Email: TEL: 0423-774 7244 and 0313-4800 977
Email: TEL: 0423-774 7244 and 0313-4800 977
Email: TEL: 0423-774 7244 and 0313-4800 977


First time in the history of our country, religious and worldly education is made free for students.

Religious knowledge and grade 6th till B.A side by side



Today when we look around the world, we see irregularity, ignorance, warfare and extreme vulgarity everywhere. Women play an important role in these matters whether in correction or aggravation. If a woman takes the responsibility to put the world to righteousness then all matters are solved simultaneously. And that is what made a famous poet Ibrahim say;

“A mother is an educational institute; if this institute is nurtured then a consistent and uncorrupt nation comes to existence.”

In the formation and completion of a Muslim society, woman’s character holds great importance. A whole family circle can depend on a single woman to be improved. A woman can play a significant role at every stage of life as a mother, daughter, sister and a wife. That is why it is necessary that she is well-groomed and well-educated. Our Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him) said;

“A Muslim who is blessed with two daughters whom he treats well, educates them, clothes them and looks after them until they are married is admitted to accompany me in Paradise on the day of resurrection.”

As a contribution to this, Dar-ul-Huda welfare trust (registered) has made a small effort in this era of chaos, to save our women from vulnerability and defenselessness and educate them according to Islamic ethics. To bring our women the knowledge of religion and world we have started a project by the name Al Huda Institute.

We provide you with…

  • a healthy, Islamic atmosphere
  • religious and worldly education side by side
  • qualified and experienced teachers
  • speech and written exercises
  • special training provided
  • special classes for spoken English and Arabic
  • home affairs
  • monthly parent-teacher meetings
  • monthly test system
  • special embroidery and stitching lessons
  • monthly competitions and awards
  • certificates for good performance

All courses are entirely free



  • Quran translation
  • Description of Quran in detail
  • Two-year scholar course
  • Four year scholar course
  • Weekly literary assembly



Al Huda Institute completes 10 courses every 4 years. Details are as follows;

  • Scholar course
  • Computer course
  • Spoken English
  • Spoken Arabic
  • Mehndi course
  • Stitching course
  • Embroidery course
  • Cooking course
  • Oratory course
  • Monetary course



4-year academic course

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
Quran                                              قرآن Quran                                               قرآن Quran                                             قرآن Tafseer jlal’lain تفسعر جلالین
Baloogh al Maram                      بلوغ المرام Mashkoot                                         مشکوۃ Jamiah Tirmzi                          جامع ترمذی Sahih Bukhari book 2       صحیح بخاری جلد دوم
Taqwiyat’tul Imaan                     تقویۃ الایمان Biography of companions of Holy Prophet (PBUH)                          سیرت صحابہ Sahih Bukhari book 1      صحیح بخاری جلد اول Sahih Muslim                              صحیح مسلم
Abwaab us Sarf                       ابواب الصرف usool-e-Fiqah par ak’nazar kitaab’ul Tauhid                       کتاب التوحید Islamic laws of inheritance اسلامی قانون وراثت
Ilam ul Sarf                               علم الصرف Book of Sarf                               کتاب الصرف Qadoori  قدوری Aqeedah Wastiyah                       عقیدہ واسطیہ
Ilam ul nahv علم النحو Book of grammar                         کتاب النحو Hidayat’ul nahv      ہدایۃ النحو Sharah Ibne Aqeel                    شرح ابن عقیل
Duroos ul luga’tul arabia   دروس اللغۃ العربیۃ  Aqeedah Ehl-e-sunnat wal’jamaat  Teseer mustalihul hadees  Ar’raheeq’ul makhtoom الرحیق المختوم
Rehmat-e-Alam (s.a.w)         رحمت عالم
Hisanul muslim
 Hifz 30th PARAH of Quran  Hifz 29th PARAH of Quran  Hifz 28th PARAH of Quran  Hifz 27th PARAH of Quran
 First year syllabus according to Intermediate board Lahore.   Second year syllabus according to Intermediate board Lahore.  Third Year syllabus  Fourth year syllabus


Two year syllabus

First year

Second year

Quran                                               قرآن Quran                                               قرآن
Arabic Grammar                           علم النحو Biography of Prophets               قصص الانبیاء
Holy Prophet                               رحمت عالم Book of Tauhid                           کتاب التوحید
Abwaab us Sarf                        ابواب الصرف Islamic lifestyle                           آداب زندگی
Baloogh al Maraam (first half)       بلوغ المرام Baloogh al maram (second half)    بلوغ المرام
Knowledge of Sarf                       علم الصرف Biography of companions of Holy Prophet (PBUH)                                       سیرت صحابہ
Arabic linguistics                   دروس اللغۃ العربیۃ Laws and orders for women فتاوی براءے خواتین
Hassan al Muslim                        حصن المسلم Hifz 29th PARAH of Quran    حفظ پارہ تبارک الذی
Hifz 30th PARAH of Quran           حفظ عم پارہ



Future Projects

  • Self-owned building
  • Hostel system
  • Free high school
  • Free dispensary
  • District, provincial and National level competitions


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